Moving / Packing / Unpacking

We can be there to offer advise, work along side you, or handle everything! Your choose our level of involvement. No one is there to bark orders at you, judge you or suggest impractical solutions. We want you happy with our work!

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Interior Design

We also specialize in making your space, not just clean and functional, but BEAUTIFUL! New colors, prints, paint, lights and furniture can make all the difference. Let us make a suggestion for your home or office.

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Storage and Staging

Set up for storage units, packing and unpacking, and placement of items. Determination of items for long term vs. short term storage and order of packing as well as Home/Room staging for a home owner putting their home on the market, for pictures and showings.

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Just a thought..

Does the entrance of your home say ‘welcome’ or ‘go away’? Clutter by the front door can indicate difficulty transitioning between who we are at work vs. home; we appear in control and polished at work but feel out of control and frazzled at home. Let us help you make your home the sanctuary it should be! 540-797-1922

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